Wolverine Zilotone musical toy

The Zilotone, made by the Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing Co. in the 1930s, features a man playing a xylophone.

A disc made of metal is inserted in the toy, and the clockwork is wound up. When switched on, the musician moves back and forth while hitting the keys with a mallet. These toys came with metal song discs.


Chromolithographed sheet steel spring driven musical toy with six different disc songs, marked on front 'Zilotone' with harlequin/clown type musician holding a hammer that strikes steel bars, each lettered with fixed key on right rear and off-on lever beside key.

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wolverine zilotone 48 wind up xylophone record Wolverine Zilotone 48 Wind Up Xylophone Record... 04/2021 £78.00
zilotone trumpet violin piano music postcard rppc Zilotone Trumpet Violin Piano Music Postcard Rppc... 04/2021 £7.05
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (3)
David - January 2, 2021
I'm about to bid on a 1930'S ZILOTONE WIND UP MUSIC TOY YANKEE DOODLE. I don't know if it works but I can see the large F note is missing. How can I get the missing note. Besides the missing note, it looks fine for a old toy. How much do you think its worth?
David - January 2, 2021
Hi. Where can I get the missing note? How much do you think its worth as is ?
Roy - November 12, 2020
Excellent please send link for Manufacturers history. Many thanks Roy
These toys were made by: Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing Co..